Refund Policy

We offer a refund of the whole amount if the student withdraws before the start of classes. But once the classes are confirmed and you have one class then the refund is not entertained. If we fail to provide you the classes for any reason from our side and you have paid the fee already, then we will refund you the amount after deducting the refund fee. This is our refund policy.
If you hold classes for some reason then the balance can be transferred for the next month’s classes only. If the refund cost is more than the fee then we do not offer the refund in such a case.

Those who don’t afford to pay.

Quran learning is important for Muslims. It is the word of Allah which he revealed on the Last Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. Quran teaching is not about making money it is about spreading the word of Allah to the people. So, we are not here to make money from Quran teaching. Those parents who don’t afford to pay the fees their children’s can learn without any fee. We are happy to teach Quran without making money because it is a book of full guidance which Allah sends for us. 

Free Student 

If you have four kids learning Quran from us at a full fee then your 5th child will be learning without any cost. If you are referencing others to learn Quran from us then you get a special discount. If you have given the reference of four different students who are learning the Quran with full fee then the 5th student will learn the Quran without any cost. 

Fee Structure


  • 3days $55
  • 5days $73
  • 6days $90
  • Hifz class $100
  • Saturaday,Sunday $50


  • 3days $62
  • 5days $87
  • 6days $99
  • Hifz Class $120
  • Saturaday,Sunday $63

For UK

  • 3days £30
  • 5days £50
  • 6days £60
  • Hifz Class £77
  • Saturaday,Sunday £40


  • 3days €50
  • 5days €70
  • 6days €81
  • Hifz class €90
  • Saturaday,Sunday €50